At Good Fortune Coffee we know we are not changing the world.
But with a living wage, organic fair-trade coffee, batch-roasted with care, we are trying to do our bit, and maybe even a little bit more.

Buy in store or purchase online,
But to buy anything else would be a crime …
… Much like this rhyme

In faraway places, they are watching the coffee plants grow.
They water, they weed, and they wonder, ‘where will this coffee go?’
Fair working day done, they send the coffee beans over the sea
Wondering, ‘how much happier could we be?
‘The world is finally good, Goddamn it’s been a long time…
To get rid of the poison, the unfairness, the grime…’

On this side of the sea, it’s another ‘can’t beat Wellington day’.
Our roaster springs out of bed with one thing to say:
’Super’, he says. Then, ‘whoopee’, with glee.
‘Let’s crack into the day, my name is Jessie’.
Another coffee roast done, packed and loaded onto our truck
Enjoy your cup. Follow your luck…



It takes a lot of hands from a lot of places and a lot of good fortune to roast good coffee.


Here at the home of the good fortune coffee company we take pride in looking after these many hands, beginning with the humble farmers, coffee pickers and bean sorters we ensure that all our coffee we roast and all the farmers and co-ops involved receive a fair deal for their work and we will only roast 100% certified fair trade coffee.

The many hands involved in selecting our finest beans also farm organically, these fair trade organic beans begin their journey in all corners of the world ready to be shipped to the people at good fortune eagerly awaiting their arrival.


With all this hard work now heading our way and our head roaster pushing his laden sack barrow towards the roaster its now our turn to do our bit….

Roasting, Blending, Grinding, Packing. We want happy workers to produce fantastic coffee and our living wage commitment completes the package.

Take care of our beans because so much care has been taken to deliver these beans to you…. Feel good, Feel Great! You are supporting a very caring coffee company.

Enjoy your good fortune.



Being New Zealand’s newest coffee roaster we have developed the “Firecracker Blend” to launch our brand,

This is the House Blend at our flagship cafe The Seashore Cabaret and received a 5 star review from David Burton.

Described as an exploding peanut slab… this coffee delivers on all fronts, intense nutty chocolate notes with hints of bittersweet caramel this coffee will not disappoint the fussiest of coffee drinkers. Delicious black or with milk this coffee suits all brewing methods.

Peruvian swiss water decaf

Fair trade organic decaf! If you love coffee but cant handle the caffeine this is the coffee for you, guilt free!

Custom blending

We are currently working on other blends and have single origin coffees from Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia and Guatemala.

If your looking for something special for your cafe or business please contact us.



Paper cups

Our paper cups and lids produced by eco-ware are 100% compostable. New Zealand’s first and only carboNZero certified packaging company.



  • Never give up. You're not a failure if you don't give up.

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